Volume eyelash extensions

What to know before your lash appointment

Thank you for choosing to book your services with us.

A new set of eyelash extensions will take between 2 hours to 2.5 hours. Eyelash extensions refill takes around 1 hour to 1 .5 hours.

Come in for your appointment with no eye makeup (mascara and eyeliner on lower or top lashes, eyeshadow, foundations, and cream). Always remember to clean your lashes on a daily bases to avoid complicated problems. Lashes last longer with proper care and are clean.


Your lash extensions should still have a 40-50% retention. We recommend every 2-3 weeks for classic and 3-4 weeks for volume lashes. At your refill appointment, if your lash extensions are less than 40% left, your lash technician will only be able to fill in what is possible in the given appointment time, the fullness of the lashes will not be guaranteed. To maintain the same fullness as a new set, come in for your refill sooner.

Refills from other locations:

We do accept customers coming from other locations only if you meet all the below requirements, if not a removal and a new set is recommended. 

  1. You must have 50% lash extensions left.
  2. Your lashes are not clustered lashes if this is the case we recommend a removal because your lashes are too tangled and damaged to be filled. Check our FAQ about clustered lashes.
  3. No makeup on your eyes (mascara and eyeliner on lower or top lashes, eyeshadow, foundations).

Cancelation, Late or rescheduling Policies                 Prices and product availability are subject to change without notice.

** Appointments require a deposit to guarantee your time selected and to protect the technicians time. Balance due after service is complete plus applicable taxes. 

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