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Blossom Salon Spa

Blossom Salon Spa

Services: Hair, Nails, Eyelash Extensions, Waxing, facecial, ect.
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Catchy Beauty Eyelash Extensions

Catchy Beauty Eyelash Extensions

Services: Eyelash extensions, Waxing
Website: Online Booking Phone: 613-699-0888
Address: 117 Centrepointe Dr #121, Nepean, ON K2G 5X3

At Numi Lash & Brow we carry three different grade of lashes; cashmere, silk, and synthetic mink. Our lashes come in different thickness, lengths, and curl.

Lash Refills

Refills are recommended around every 2-3 weeks for classic and 3-4 weeks for volume lashes. To qualify for a refill, your lash extensions should still have a 40-50% retention. At your refill appointment, if your lash extensions are less than 40% left, your lash technician will only be able to fill what is possible in the given appointment time. To maintain the same fullness as a new set, come in for your fill more frequent.  During the process, only very grown out lash extensions will be removed, new lashes will be put in. 

Freshly Done

fresh lashes

Lash extensions are applied only to your one natural lash at a time, never touching your skin. There is a safe distance between your lash extensions and your skin. If the lash glue is on your skin it may cause irritations ( dry skin and itchiness). There’s only a small amount of glue dipped onto the lashes, therefore glue would never drip into your eyes.

After 1 Week


After 1 week, your lash extensions is growing out a little along with your natural lashes.

After 2 Weeks


After two weeks you extensions and natural lashes are grown out a little more than before

After 4 Weeks


This is after 4 weeks of growth. Some lashes will grow faster than others, this all depends on your natural lash cycle. This is the reason why we recommend coming in for a refill sooner. For classic lashes, it is best to come in between 2-3 weeks and volume lashes at 3-4 weeks. When lashes are outgrown, they can bend or turn because of the weight. Lashes then get messy and tangle up, this can sometimes cause damage to your natural lashes because of the pulling weight.

Are eyelash extensions damaging to natural lashes?

No, if lashes are applied properly, it will not damage your natural lashes. By following the recommended aftercare, lash lengths and density, one can wear lashes for a very long time.

Yes, if lashes are applied improperly, it can cause damages to the natural lashes. By applying an excessive amount of glue or not isolating properly, may put too much weight on natural lashes. As a result, this can cause the lashes to fall off faster.  Improper at-home care is also a big contributor to damaging natural lashes.

Improper home aftercare;
1. Not cleaning your lashes properly and regularly, causing a build-up of products and dirt, blocking hair follicles. Over time your lashes will get dandruff and bacteria causing your lashes to shed before its cycle.
2. Playing, picking, over brushing, rubbing your lashes, sleeping on your lashes(sleeping on the side or face) all of these will cause your lashes to get pulled out from its roots.
3. Wearing waterproof makeup products, glittery makeup, mascara and eyeliner all contribute to damaging your lashes. All of these products are hard to remove from the extension base. Mascara and eyeliners can stick on to your lashes like sticky gum. Some customers still have junks of makeup on their lashes after 3 days of not wearing any makeup. Trying to clean it all out can be too rough on your lashes causing it to be pulled out, but not cleaning it can cause dirt and bacteria built up.

Dandruff from dirty lashes!



Lash crimps pulling our lashes!!


Blepharitis on lids



Bottom lash mascara, every time you blink they go onto the top lids.

Mascara buildup

Mascara buildup from two days!!


Mascara buildup

Clustered Lashes!

clusters lashes
clusters lashes

Clustered Lashes removed

Lashes after removal, thinner and some bald spots!!

hair loss

Clustered Lashes!


Volume lashes not properly fanned!

clustered lashes

Chunks of lashes are put in without proper isolations

clustered lashes

Unfortunately clustered lashes are used by a lot lash technicians to perform permanent eyelash extensions. What are clustered lashes? They are thick pre-glued lashes or chunks of volume lashes that are not properly fanned.

Why are they bad for natural lashes? They are bad because they are super heavy for natural lashes to handle. With the pre-glue base, extra glue is added to attach to natural lashes. They also have a bigger base than Russian volume lashes, therefore they can easily attach to 2-5 natural lashes. When one or two natural lash falls out it pushes the other lashes to come out too. Huge chunks of un-fanned volume lashes are bad for your lashes too because they can easily pull more glue, making it harder to isolate natural lashes. They also don’t look as fluffy and natural, it makes your lashes look stiffer.

These are Our works

Our technicians are professionally trained. Our lashes are hand fanned only every time, making it lighter and fluffier. We isolate all our lashes making them not sticking together as much as possible. Proper work takes time, therefore a new set of lash extensions takes around 2 hours and a refill takes around 1 hour.

Proper Russian Volume Lashes.

What is the difference between Russian volume lashes and volume lashes? In terms of appearance, they look similar. Russian volume lashes are self-made fanned and not pre-glued lashes. Volume lashes can be used for lashes that are pre-fanned and pre-glued. Russian volume has a better wear retention and is less heavy for natural lashes.

Hand fanned lashes, have a very thin base

Properly fanned lashes, making it very light weight

Not a heavy amount of glue used, making it less damaging

isolation lashes

Lashes are properly isolated and applied.

isolation lashes

Lash extensions looks fluffy, soft, clean and very light weighted

numi lashes

How to maintain eyelash extension at home?

1. Avoid water as much as possible.
2. No exercising
3. If your eyes are red, irritated from the glue fumes or eye patches, use eye drops to help ease the redness and irritation. Please give us a call after 48 hours if irritation and redness persist.
4. After 12 hours, if your eyelids are itchy and swollen please give us a call, there’s a possibility that you are allergic to the products. If allergies are detected, lash extensions must be removed for your safety.
5. For 48 hours avoid sauna and hot tubs
1. Be gentle, avoid touching, rubbing and picking the eyelashes, this can cause premature hair loss.
2. Do not wear mascara and waterproof eyeliner, they are hard to clean and can cause build up
3. Avoid heavy make-up as much as possible
4. Do not sleep on your face, and avoid sleeping on the side if possible. Your lash extensions will fall out faster along with your natural lashes.
5. Do not perm, curl or tint eyelash extensions
6. Avoid oil-based and waterproof products (make-up products, cleanser, and lotion). If it does not say “OIL FREE” its best to avoid it on the eye area.
7. Try not to frequently use the sauna, steam room and swimming pool.
8. Eyelash extensions should never be brushed when it is saturated with water.
9. Clean lashes every day for longer retention and to avoid dandruff or infections
10. Brush your lash at least once a day to help it from tangling and crossing. It is normal for extensions to go messy after a night of sleep.

Put cleaning solution in a small cup, dip cleansing brush into solution, wipe on lashes with a downward motion from lash base to lash tip. Repeat till lash is clean. Let lashes air dry or dap lightly to dry with tissue. NO Q-tip, cotton pad or makeup wipes on lash base, as the lint from the products can tug and pull glue base and lashes.

The cleaning solution can be bought in a foam pumping bottle, making it easier to apply onto lashes. It also can be made at home by mixing 30% tear-free baby shampoo and 70% water.

Eyelash extension shapes/style

There are a few eyelash extensions style, cat-eyes, doll-eyes, natural eyes, and messy eyes.

Cat eyes: Lashes are longest at the outer corner of the eyes. It gets gradually or dramatically shorter at the inner corner of the eyes.

Doll eyes: Lashes are longest at the middle of the eyes. it gets shorter on both corners of the eyes.

Natural eye: Lashes are longest around the eyebrow arch area. The inner corner of the eyes are where lashes are the shortest and outer corner are where its mid-lengths.

Messy eyes/ Kim-K: This look is where short lashes and long lashes are randomly placed.

Doll eye

doll eye

Cat eye


Natural eye

natural eye

Messy Eye

kim K eyes lashes

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