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Blossom Salon Spa

Blossom Salon Spa

Services: Hair, Nails, Eyelash Extensions, Waxing, facecial, ect.
Website: 613-260-9999 Phone: 613-260-9999
Address: 2950 bank street, Ottawa K1T1N8
Catchy Beauty Eyelash Extensions

Catchy Beauty Eyelash Extensions

Services: Eyelash extensions, Waxing
Website: Online Booking Phone: 613-699-0888
Address: 117 Centrepointe Dr #121, Nepean, ON K2G 5X3

What to do before your lash extensions appointment.

What to prepare before your lashes appointment.

  1. Shower, for 24 hours after your lashes appointment we recommend that your lashes shouldn’t get wet.
  2. Remove all makeup on eyes area and wash it clean.
  3. Stay away from caffeine products, or products that will make your eyes twitch.
  4. Wear removable footwear.
  5.  Arrive at the appointment 10 minutes earlier if you are new to our location. Arrive on time for the appointment. All appointments are booked and charge on time base.
  6. Remove contact lenses, fumes can get trapped in between lens.
  7. If your eyes are red, tired, and dry, we recommend using eye drops before your appointment.
  8. Bring music if you’d like to listen to your own music.
  9. Be prepared to lay down on your back with your eyes closed for 1-3 hours, depending on your appointment.
  10. Make daycare arrangement for your children. We all love children, but with your eyes closed and your technician working, it’s hard to make sure your children are safe. It’s also boring for them to wait for 1-3 hours.
  11.  Please check our Terms and policies for late and cancelations rules.

What to do after your lash extensions appointment.


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To maintain healthy beautiful lashes, always follow your aftercare instructions. Check out why you should have a daily cleaning routine for your lashes.

1. Avoid water as much as possible.
2. No exercising
3. If your eyes are red, irritated from the glue fumes or eye patches, use eye drops to help ease the redness and irritation. Please give us a call after 48 hours if irritation and redness persist.
4. After 12 hours, if your eyelids are itchy and swollen please give us a call, there’s a possibility that you are allergic to the products. If allergies are detected, lash extensions must be removed for your safety.
5. For 48 hours avoid sauna and hot tubs
1. Be gentle, avoid touching, rubbing and picking the eyelashes, this can cause premature hair loss.
2. Do not wear mascara and waterproof eyeliner, they are hard to clean and can cause build up
3. Avoid heavy make-up as much as possible
4. Do not sleep on your face, and avoid sleeping on the side if possible. Your lash extensions will fall out faster along with your natural lashes.
5. Do not perm, curl or tint eyelash extensions
6. Avoid oil-based and waterproof products (make-up products, cleanser, and lotion). If it does not say “OIL FREE” its best to avoid it on the eye area.
7. Try not to frequently use the sauna, steam room and swimming pool.
8. Eyelash extensions should never be brushed when it is saturated with water.
9. Clean lashes every day for longer retention and to avoid dandruff or infections
10. Brush your lash at least once a day to help it from tangling and crossing. It is normal for extensions to go messy after a night of sleep.

Put cleaning solution in a small cup, dip cleansing brush into solution, wipe on lashes with a downward motion from lash base to lash tip. Repeat till lash is clean. Let lashes air dry or dap lightly to dry with tissue. NO Q-tip, cotton pad or makeup wipes on lash base, as the lint from the products can tug and pull glue base and lashes.

The cleaning solution can be bought in a foam pumping bottle, making it easier to apply onto lashes. It also can be made at home by mixing 30% tear-free baby shampoo and 70% water.

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